280 men and two women from Delaware County, including Springfield, perished in World War I as recorded on the memorial at the entrance of Smedley Park in Nether Providence Township, PA. Since then, Springfield residents have paid the price of 42 additional young lives, leaving their families and friends to grieve.


While we honor all of our nation’s fallen each Memorial Day, since 2010, Memorial Day remembrances in the Springfield community, led by Post 227, focused on individual fallen heroes.  In 2021, in recognition of the 80th anniversary of the United States' entry into WWII, Springfield focuses its remembrance on all its 32 killed and missing sons from that war.

Robert Henon Ammon

William Hugh Bathgate

Edward Leslie Chandor*

Vernon N. Churchman

John V. Deasey,  Jr.

John C. Hendren

John L. Hoffman

Irving Nicholson Hurley

Stewart J. Jones

Charles Edward Krauss

Floyd Maynard

World War II

John Robert McCarty

James J. McDevitt

William F. McKenna

William Bernard Mitchell

Donald J. Murray

William J. Murray

John Nemeth, Jr.*

George F. Ott

James Paul

James J. Robbins

Charles E. Sevier

David Shumaker

Stanley S. Smith

George P. Talbot

George L. Tallman

Lloyd O. Tircuit

Raymond E. Thomas

William G. Turner

Karl Ollie Wallden

Donald S. Weightman

Norman K. Wiggin

* Name included on Springfield HS plaque but not on plaques at Springfield Township building  and at St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church




Lest we forget